School Community Council

In 2004, the Hawaii State Legislature passed a law that all DOE schools shall have a School Community Council or SCC to help strengthen community involvement in the schools.  The SCC is an advisory committee that supports student academic achievement and school improvement by contributing to the planning and progress monitoring of the school's Academic and Financial Plans.  The board consists of equal representation from the community and school.  The community stakeholder group includes community & parent representatives. The school is represented by the Principal, certificated staff (teachers), and non-certificated staff (PTT's, EA's, other support staff).  Student members are also included on the council, to participate in meetings and share their thoughts. Learn more about School Community Councils on the Hawaii DOE website.

due to school closure, scc meetings are temporarily closed to the public.  meetings may be held virtually for members.  if you have a concern, please contact your stakeholder representative.