About Us


Kilohana School nestles near the foothills of Ualapue, Moloka’i. It had its beginning in another school built some time ago before Kilohana has opened their doors, in a section not too far from Ualapue, called Kalua'aha. The Kalua'aha School took its name from the area in which it was found. It wasn’t until 1935 that the school which bore the name Kalua’aha for over a century was done away with and all students attending were transferred to what was the Ualapue hospital, which was renamed Kilohana School.

It is said that Kilohana was named after a mountain back of the school, but the hill actually known as “Kilohana” rises above and between the valleys of Wailau and Pelekunu. It may be that a look-out had been established on the hill back of the old hospital. Kilohana means “a look-out”.

One can only assume that, that particular mountain was used as a look-out, as it has a good view of the ocean. Possibly to watch for approaching canoes, enemy or otherwise. Perhaps because of this, the school was named Kilohana.

And yet, Kilohana, according to an article in one of the early 1900 issues of the Hawaii’s Young People, means also the working of the pattern in color on tapa. In other words, when dyes were used and patterns made on tapa, this was called Kilohana. The east end of Moloka’i was the tapa making district of Moloka’i and maybe it was this that gave the school its name, Kilohana.

Kilohana opened its doors as a school under the administration of Mr. Albert U. Inaba, in 1935. Much of the original building, upon conversion, still maintains visible construction of what it once was a hospital. An aged and of noble design, the building, however, maintains its original form.

In 1976, an historical groundbreaking ceremony took place where an eight classroom building now stands. Blessed by Reverend Elmer Wilson and with dedication remarks by Principal Stephen Petro, the new classrooms opened in January 1977.

Kilohana School majestically sits under swaying keawe trees housing students, faculty and staff members today. It is maintained with care and love throughout its halls and campus. Surrounded by mountains and its sea, Kilohana School carries its own legends of old, and we are proud to say Kilohana School has become one of the famous registered Historical Sites in Hawaiian History.

Kilohana School always will be, now and forever more.


All members of our Kilohana 'Ohana will:

Be responsible for their own learning

Work Together with other

Think and problem-solve

Recognize and produce quality work

Be an effective communicator

Know how to use technology


Value Self

Value Others

Value Learning

Vault to grade level standards or above