Principal's Message

Aloha, Kilohana Elementary School Students, Parents, and Community Members,

It's back-to-school time! I look forward to seeing our keiki on campus!

Join me as we say, “A hui hou” and a fond farewell to Ms. Nieves and Kumu Eden Carney, as they continue their life’s journey away from Kilohana.

Join me as we say, "Aloha and welcome" to our newest staff members and staff changes:

Lacey Phifer TA EOEL (PK) Teacher

Lian Chong Kalima 2nd Grade Teacher

Sara Jane Larkin 6th Grade Teacher

Geri Adolpho Educational Assistant (EA)

Safety is our #1 priority this school year. We are blessed to have a large campus with plenty of fresh air and a year's experience of safety protocol compliance. This experience will aid us as we welcome back our students to provide the best, safest learning environment for all our keiki.


is our theme for the school year. We will continue to perserve and strive for excellence as we navigate our COVID world.

For more information or if you have any questions, please call the school at (808) 774-8400


Marilyn (Terri) Simms


A Hui Hou and Mahalo Nui Mrs. Simms

Sometimes it takes a person from the wilds of Tennessee to make us aware of just how special Moloka’i is. Terri Simms is retiring and we’re going to miss her! She liked to bring out the best in everyone and encouraged us to reach for the stars. She made innovative changes to our traditional routines and her appreciation of the Hawaiian culture has us doing PIKO every morning. As any leader can attest, last year was a challenging year and Terri’s attention to detail and devotion to Kilohana Elementary School enabled us to stay open for face-to-face learning. We were one of two schools in the state who were able to offer our students and their families this opportunity. She even encouraged us to have FUN!! Terri Simms, it’s now YOUR turn to have some fun. The students, staff and families of the Kilohana community thank you and wish you and yours the best of times.

A hui hou and Mahalo nui!